Supporting Our Town Centre

Idlewells Shopping Centre is at the heart of our busy market town.

Every business in Sutton-in-Ashfield needs the whole town to thrive – which is why it’s so important that local people support ALL local stores – inside and outside of Idlewells.

By shopping locally, you are:

  • Keeping local businesses open and reducing the number of empty shops in the town
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship amongst members of our community
  • Helping to provide local jobs for local people
  • Showing big national retailers that they would be supported if they came to Sutton
  • Helping attract investment into our town

In order to support our town centre, we have made our shoppers aware of how important it is to shop locally – and now produced a first-ever online directory of shops in Sutton!

We are sure that many of you reading this, will be surprised at the range and quality of shops there are within the town’s radius.

Please note: The directory of shops was correct at the time of compilation – Winter 2018, if you would like to submit an update, as an individual or a member of the shop’s team, please contact us. We will verify any suggestions with the business owner before making any changes. Thank you.

Visit our Sutton Town Centre Shops’ Directory