Community News

Throughout the summer and during their many family events this year, Idlewells Shopping Centre collected stories from the children of Sutton-in-Ashfield about their favourite summer activities. The shopping centre then selected various stories and drawings from these events to create ‘Our little book of adventures’ for the local community to be able to reflect on the summer of 2022. 

The printed book is now available to purchase at the Academy Transformation Trust Further Education College (ATTFE) Community Hub based next to Stock Giant in Idlewells Shopping Centre for a suggested donation of £3. The community can also email to arrange to pick up a copy at the hub. 

The funds raised from the sale of this book will support Sutton Community Academy’s Everest Expedition. Sutton Community Academy are sending a group of students on an expedition to Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal, in April 2023. This is a huge undertaking, representing a rare and invaluable experience for these deserving young people, and they need the help of our local community to make it happen. Many of their students have never seen a foreign country, and most would otherwise never have the chance to trek around a world-famous landmark 4,500 miles away. This trip will allow them to expand their horizons, developing a cultural understanding of the world beyond their immediate local area. 

The students are doing incredible fundraising work themselves to earn this experience, and each sale of this book, and therefore donation towards the expedition, is a powerful statement of your belief in their ability to achieve and inspire. You’re choosing to support the efforts not just of a local school, but of a group of talented, hard-working young people. 

Idlewells Shopping Centre Manager, Stephen Salisbury says “We are so pleased with the turnout of the book and know how much the Everest Expedition means to the students at Sutton Community Academy. We hope to see lots of local families in the community pick up their copy of the children’s book to read the children’s stories. We look forward to doing more of these community activities in the future!”