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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re delighted to announce that the shopping experience at Idlewells will return to a greater sense of ‘normality’ from Monday 19th July, as we unlock in line with the latest easing of restrictions by the government – including the welcome return of our hugely popular benches! More information can be found here.

What are the centre opening hours?

Our centre opening hours are 8am until 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10am until 4pm on Sunday. Please be aware that individual retailers may have altered their opening hours in light of safety and available staffing. If you are visiting a specific store, please call ahead to check they are open. Contact numbers for retail stores can be found here.

Is hand sanitiser still available for use in the centre?

There are still several hand sanitiser dispensers available for visitor use in the centre. We encourage you to use these when you enter and exit and after you have touched anything or handled cash. We politely request that you do not fill up personal bottles from these dispensers. 

Where do I go if I have a problem or a question?

The Idlewells team are on hand at all times to answer questions or address any concerns you have. You will find them patrolling the malls. They can be identified by their grey Idlewells uniform.