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What are the centre opening hours?

We are aware the Government have advised that from 4th July, social distancing can be reduced to 1m + with mitigating measures in areas where 2m cannot be met. Inside Idlewells, we are still able to safely adhere to 2m social distance, so please continue to keep at least 2m apart from anyone not in your own household.

Our centre opening hours are 8am until 6pm, Monday to Saturday, and 10am until 4pm on Sunday. Please be aware that individual retailers may have altered their opening hours in light of safety and available staffing. If you are visiting a specific store, please call ahead to check they are open. Contact numbers for retail stores can be found here.

What stores are open?

As of 4th July:

Easy Barbers
Card Factory
New Look
The Works
JD Sports
Select (30% off everything!)
Lily’s Cards
Material Girl
Morgan seems Sweets
Making memories with Tuffy’s
Holland and Barrett
Heron Foods
Bargain Buys
B&M Bargains
H&T Pawnbrokers
The Fruitarian
Some traders within the indoor market

How should I walk around the centre?

There is a one-way system in operation in our malls. As you enter, please keep to the left side of the shopping mall and follow the floor tape and floor stickers to guide you. Please do not cross over the red tape centre line. As you travel down the mall and reach the central atrium, please walk around in a clockwise direction only If you wish to travel back down a mall to exit, please join the one-way system and keep to the left. 

Where should I queue for the shop I am visiting?

Outside every storefront, you will see floor tape which indicates the queueing system. Within that, there will be queue markers indicating the safe 2m distance. Each retail shop will manage the queue for their individual shop and permit you to enter when it is safe to do so. If the queue becomes too long, you may be asked to return later. Whilst this is not ideal, your patience is appreciated in the interests of keeping you, other shoppers, shop workers and our team safe.

Is social distancing being practised?

Social distancing has been in place in the centre since the end of March and from 15th June, further measures will be implemented for your safety. Floor stickers and tape will mark out safe distances whilst walking and queuing in the centre and to further enhance public safety, a one-way system will be in operation to reduce the cross-flow of visitors. Please keep to the left as you walk around and observe the new signage whilst visiting which is there to remind you to practise social distancing and keep a safe 2m distance between anyone who is not in your household. 

What can I expect when I arrive at Idlewells?

When you arrive, the entrance will be manned by an Idlewells team member until 4pm. They are managing entry numbers to the shopping centre and advising people on how to stay safe whilst shopping with us. If visitor numbers in the centre have exceeded our safe capacity, you may have a short wait to enter. 

If you arrive by vehicle, as you enter the car park, there will be plenty of signs reminding you to practice social distancing. 

Is the centre being cleaned more frequently?

Since the end of March, an enhanced cleaning regime has been in place at Idlewells. This includes:

  • Enhanced cleaning of common areas and visitor touchpoints (handles, ATM’s, car parking machine touchscreens, lift call buttons etc)
  • Enhanced cleaning of the management suite (signing-in iPad, handles, pens etc)
  • A full deep clean and disinfection during the lockdown period in all public areas of the centre
  • A deep clean of the car park during its closure
  • Implementation of enhanced cleaning regimes within each retail outlet – details of which can be requested in each individual store.

Is hand sanitiser available for use in the centre?

There are several hand sanitiser dispensers available for visitor use in the centre. We encourage you to use these when you enter and exit and after you have touched anything or handled cash. We politely request that you do not fill up personal bottles from these dispensers. 

Is there a restriction on how many people can be in the shopping centre at any one time?

Numbers will be limited into the centre by our Idlewells team on entry. If we exceed the safe number of shoppers at any one time, we will operate a one-in, one-out policy. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. 

What if I have an appointment at a shop within the centre?

If there is a queue at the centre entrance and you have an appointment at Specsavers, Scrivens or Amplifon, please make yourself known at the front of the queue to the Idlewells team member. They will check with the store and permit you entry if they confirm your appointment.

How long can I stop at the shopping centre?

To ensure visitor and staff safety, we are asking you to do your shopping as quickly as you can. We look forward to the day when we can welcome you back and you can stay and socialise as long as you wish, but for now, please do your shopping safely. 

Can I stop and talk to friends? If so, how can I do this safely?

We are encouraging visitors to only stay for as long as absolutely necessary when visiting Idlewells. The one-way system in operation in the centre relies on visitors constantly moving in order for social distancing to be practised effectively. 

Are the public toilets open?

Due to size and space restrictions preventing safe social distancing in the public toilets, these are temporarily closed to maintain visitor and staff safety. If you have a disability, medical need, small children or require a toilet urgently, please call 01623 443368 whilst visiting us and we can make arrangements for you. If you do use our toilets for any of these reasons, please wash your hands thoroughly after use for at least 20 seconds. During July, we are planning to re-open the public toilets safely for visitors to use however there will still be restrictions such as limited numbers able to use the toilets at any one time.

Is the car park open?

From 15th June our car park will reopen. The number of available spaces will stay the same and we ask you to respect social distancing throughout the car park. Usual car parking charges apply, which can be found here.

Are the lifts operating? If so, how is this being made safe?

To maintain social distancing, our lifts will be operational but reserved for disabled and pushchair users only. Only one household per lift is permitted to keep visitors safe. We ask all other visitors to use the stairs.

If I use the stairs, how will social distancing be enforced?

Please keep left when using the stairs in the shopping centre and maintain a safe 2m distance from anybody who is not from your household. We politely ask visitors to use the landings on the staircase to give way to visitors who are passing. 

Do I have to wear a face-covering when I shop with you?

The Government has not made face coverings compulsory whilst shopping. If you wish to wear a face-covering whilst shopping with us, this is fine. You may also see some of our team and retail staff wearing face coverings for their own safety. 

Where do I go if I have a problem or a question?

The Idlewells team is on hand at all times to answer questions or address any concerns you have. You will find them at every entrance to the centre and patrolling the malls. They can be identified by their grey Idlewells uniform or a high visibility vest. 

What if someone gets too close to me and I feel uncomfortable?

If another visitor gets too close to you and you feel uncomfortable, they may just need a reminder to keep a safe social distance. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time or see anything suspicious in the centre, please inform either an Idlewells or retail store team member immediately.